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Manali Travelogue

From Chandigarh to Manali...from the foothills of the Himalayas to the Himachal range, observe the changes that take place in the topography around you. When in the Himalayas, travel as geographers do...

Huge V-Shaped Valleys carved by River Beas in the valley course of the river. The water that you see, remains as a part of a reservoir.
Middle - aged Deodar (Cedar) trees in the higher ranges of the mountains. These are the lungs of the mountains. The air, rivers, soil, animals, birds as well as humans depend on them for their livelihood. Tourism industry itself thrives due to the presence of these forests. The moment they disappear, that will be the doomsday. 
Huge dinosaur - egg sized boulders lie on either side of the river. What is interesting, is their shape. These perfect pebble shaped rocks have been created by the grinding action of the river water.  Fancy a natural paper weight anyone?
Where religion and nature worship go hand in hand. The locals respect the nature in the hope th…

What is so different about Geographers?

Well, for one thing, we Geographers observe things differently.
Wherever we go, we put on our 'Geography ka Chashma'! 
This helps us observe things, places and settings that normal people don't! 
We are the happiest while we are travelling, as that is when we can observe everything peacefully and interpret it as per our knowledge! 

So here I dedicate this Photoblog to all the Geographers who love travelling.
I would be posting photos from all my travels around the world. The photos would reveal secrets that non-geographers hardly ever observe.

So keep coming back for my photo blogs and earn your own 'Geography ka Chashma'!:D

Here's a sneak-peak at my photo-blog from one of my recent travels - 
Location: Van Vihar Park, Beas Riverside, Manali, Himachal Pradesh (India)
(Tree - roots hold soils tight. Notice, how the roots, in this case, are even holding the round boulders tightly in place. No wonder trees are so important to control soil erosion!)