What is so different about Geographers?

Well, for one thing, we Geographers observe things differently.
Wherever we go, we put on our 'Geography ka Chashma'! 
This helps us observe things, places and settings that normal people don't! 
We are the happiest while we are travelling, as that is when we can observe everything peacefully and interpret it as per our knowledge! 

So here I dedicate this Photoblog to all the Geographers who love travelling.
I would be posting photos from all my travels around the world. The photos would reveal secrets that non-geographers hardly ever observe.

So keep coming back for my photo blogs and earn your own 'Geography ka Chashma'!:D

Here's a sneak-peak at my photo-blog from one of my recent travels - 
Location: Van Vihar Park, Beas Riverside, Manali, Himachal Pradesh (India)

(Tree - roots hold soils tight. Notice, how the roots, in this case, are even holding the round boulders tightly in place. No wonder trees are so important to control soil erosion!)


  1. Nice one Richa!!!!.Good observations throughout your journey. I hope, one day I will learn to wear Geography ka Chashma. Have a good day..!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! Please mention your name so that I know whom I am thanking! :D

  2. Hey Richa, Well done!!! All the photographs are superb. Continue your journey...

  3. Nice Blog...Nice idea..Travel a lot..keep blogging..



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